News Or New Way Of Advertising- Madeline Champagne

I have heard of sponsored content before this because of multiple social media outlets such as Instagram and YouTube. I think that you have to talk about the content that you are sponsoring in a certain way in order to put across your point so that it is well received. The example of Buzzfeed writing articles that are sponsored in a way that it is seen as news is something that I  see very often, I think that that is good advertising, but it can be difficult for people to distinguish between what is real and what is advertising, which makes it come off as bad advertising. I like that the ads do not pop up as much on my screen as much as they used to, but I do think that it is misleading to many people who may not be as up to date with how advertising has changed.

This is a good example of native advertising because it shows that there is a sponsor and there is a person that is advertising it. I think that ads like this are less manipulative because they are showing who is sponsoring it at the top of the article. I tend to realize that these are ads because, in this article, Adobe would be mentioned many times, as well as their product, making it very clear that this was sponsored by Adobe.Screen Shot 2018-11-04 at 8.20.06 PM.png

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